Boards installation into MyBB

1. Download MyBB Boards plugin and unzip the package.

2. Copy rzboard folder and rzboard.php file to <mybb root directory>/. Copy inc/plugins/rzboard.php file to <mybb root directory>/inc/plugins/.

3. Login your site administration -> Configuration -> Plugins, install and activate Boards plugin.

4. Go to administration -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> Default Templates, expand Header Templates and edit header template. Add the following code:
<li><a href="/{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/rzboard.php"><img src="/{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/rzboard/icon.gif" alt="" title="" />Boards</a></li>
jaust after:
<div class="menu">

Save the template.

5. New item called Boards will appear in your site Menu.

6. Get an Adobe Labs Developer Key, login your site as admin, open Boards plugin and add the key to the Settings.

7. Buy a license and enter it into Settings to remove ads from the plugin.