Boards installation into phpBB

1. Download phpBB Boards MOD and unzip the package.

2. Copy rzboard folder and rzboard.php file to <phpbb root directory>.

3. After the files are copied open http://<phpbb root directory>/rzboard/XML.php?rzaction=install in your browser. That will install the necessary database tables.

4. Edit <phpbb install directory>/styles/<phpbb current template>/template/overall_header.html file where <phpbb current template> should be replaced with your current template name (prosilver by default).
Find the following code:
<!-- END navlinks --></li>
and insert this one just after it:
<li style="background-image: url('/{A_BASE_URL}rzboard/icon.png');background-position:left center;background-repeat:no-repeat;margin-right:5px;padding-left:12px;">&nbsp;<a href='{A_BASE_URL}rzboard.php'>Boards</a></li>
Save the file.

5. Login your site with admin account, then go to Admin Control Panel -> Styles -> Templates, and Refresh your current template.

This will add Boards item to your site menu.

6. Get an Adobe Labs Developer Key, login your site as admin, open Boards module and add the key to the Settings.

7. Buy a license and enter it into Settings to remove ads from the module.