Boards Tools Area

Tools Area is located in the bottom of the application:

Tools area is divided into several parts:

1. Buttons:

  • Pencil draws like usual pencil;
  • Line draws straight line;
  • Curve draws curve;
  • Rectangle draws rectangle;
  • Circle draws circle or ellipse;
  • Regular Polygon draws regular polygon with defined vertex number;
  • Polygon allows you to draw irregular polygon free number of sides and vertices. Mouse double click finishes its drawning;
  • Star draws a star with defined vertex number;
  • Text adds any text with defined font size;
  • Undo cancels last drawing action;
  • Redo repeats cancelled action;
  • Clear board clears the drawing area;
  • Settings opens Settings dialog (learn more about settings here).

2. Tool properties:

  • Back Color defines whether to use back color for current element or not;
  • Font Size defines text size for Text tool;
  • Vertex number for Regular Polygon and Star tools.

3. Size defines stroke line thickness for all drawing tools.

4. Color:

  • Stroke line color;
  • Fill color for all elements;
  • Back color for the whole drawing area.

Tools panel becomes inactive if there is no current board displaying in Working Area or if the board is not available for editing.