Video Chat Rooms and Users

You can find Rooms list and Users list (if you entered one or more rooms) in the right side of the application:

Users list shows users in the current room with user's thumbnail, username, short description and video and audio buttons to play user's video and audio respectively. You can sort users by their chat duration or username (by default) by using Sort by chat time and Sort by username buttons in the top-right of the users list. Click this object at any place to open user menu.

User menu allows you to do the following actions:

  • View Profile if that is available;
  • Request Private Chat;
  • Send or Whisper addressed message in the room chat;
  • Block user;
  • Kick user (for admin only);
  • Ban user (for admin only);
  • Set user as a Moderator (for admin only).

Rooms list contains all available rooms list and the link to create new room (the procedure is like changing its properties). Each room item shows room's type (public or password protected), room's name with current members count. Also it has buttons to change room properties (if you are the admin or room's owner) and Enter/Exit button to enter or leave the room. Click Edit button to open Edit Room dialog:

You can change room's name, type (public or password protected), access password if the type is password protected, room's description and background image. Also you can remove the room by clicking Delete button in this dialog. Click Save to save changes.