Video Chat Settings

Settings panel is opened by Settings button located above Send Message button.

Settings panel contains 5 sections:

1. General:

Language - choose interface language;

Time & date - show/hide time and date in chat messages;

Message icons - show/hide icons in chat messages;

System messages - display system messages in chat.

2. Sound:

Sound volume - set sound volume level;

Mute sound - mute/unmute system sounds;

Test - play test sound.

3. Fonts:

Font Face - choose font face that will be used for your chat messages;

Font Size - choose font size that will be used for your chat messages;

Personalized Styles - use/ignore personalized styles in users' messages.

4. Smilesets - choose smileset. Smiles from other smilesets will be displayed too.

5. Configure (visible for admin only):

License - enter license purchased here to register the module and remove the ads;

Use Media Server - use own red5 media server / use Adobe Cirrus server;

Adobe Labs Developer Key (Use Media Server is off) - this key is necessary to activate audio/video features in the chat. Read here to learn how to get it;

Media Server IP (Use Media Server is on) - IP-address (domain-based address) to the host with Media Server installed. If Use Media Server is on and any of the Media Server settings are changed, then the application tryes to connect to the Media Server. Alert message appears if it won't succeed;

RTMP port (for Media Server) - rtmp (real time messaging protocol) port number;

HTTP port (for Media Server) - http port number;

Activate new private dialogs - switch/do not switch to new private conversation dialog automatically;

Default Font Size (pts) - default dont size to be used for users and system chat messages;

Allow site visitors to post messages - allow site guests and visitors to post messages in the chat;

Enable Urls/E-mails - automatically convert urls and e-mails in chat messages / leave them as simple text;

Use Enter to send messages - send message on pressing Enter keyboard button;

Enable User profile button - show/hide profile button in private conversation block;

Maximum number of rooms - maximum number of rooms that can be created in chat;

Video quality (%) - video quality for video broadcstings in percent;

Video broadcasting FPS rate - frames per second for video broadcstings from 15 to 30;

Enable Video broadcasting Favor Area - use web-camera's settings / use module's settings while broadcasting video;

Maximum file size for transfers (MB) - maximum file size for files transfers while private conversation session (MegaBytes);

AntiFlood control (secs) - choose duration in seconds for which Send Message is disabled after user has sent a message;

Maximum message length - maximum characters number in user's message. Use 0 to set unlimited value;

Default Skin (for Video Chat 2.0) - default skin scheme;

Moders play video without confirmation - skip playing video confirmation for chat moderators;

Enter Lobby automatically - place a user into Lobby (first room) automatically after entering the chat;

Improved Video definition - use better resolution while video broadcasting;

Save room history for (for Video Chat 2.0) - time (in minutes) to lsave and load room chat log after entering the room;

Room history messages count (for Video Chat 2.0) - maximum last messages count to show after entering the room.

6. Advanced button opens flash plugin internal media settings.

Click Apply to save settings, click Cancel to reset them.