Video Chat Tools Area

Tools Area is located in the bottom of the application:

It contains the following buttons and controls:

  • Bold button makes your text bold;
  • Italic button makes your text italic;
  • Underline button makes your text underlined;
  • Font Color control allows you to customize your text font color;

  • Add Smile control allows you to add smileys to your text;

  • Send to controld allows you to select a person to whom your message will be addressed;
  • Whisper checkbox allows you to make your message visible only to the person you selected iwith Send to control;
  • Search User (admin only) button opens Search User dialog where you can search user by his ID or nickname;

  • Memberships Settings (admin only) button opens a window to manage avaiilable chat features for different users types;

  • Phrases controld allows you to add quickly a frequently used phrase;
  • Clear button clears chat log;
  • Help button loads help manuals;

  • Settings button opens chat settings dialog. Learn more about it here;
  • My Status control allows you to switch your current status between Online, Busy and Away.

Tools Area also contains text input field and Send button.