Buying a License

To buy a license for a specific product you should do the following:

1. Roll over Buy menu and select a product to buy a license (-s) for. Click the product name. (Video Chat license buying is demonstrated on the screenshots).

2. You will be redirected to Cart page with a list of the products to order. You can change the quantity of licenses you want to order by changing Quantity field (one license is valid for one domain only) or remove the product from the list. Also you can continue shopping by clicking on respective link. Click Check Out Now button to continue with buying a license.

3. Next page will ask you for your name and e-mail. Also you can subscribe to newsletter with news of new products and discounts.

4. Next page will ask you to confirm purchasing. Just confirm it and you will be redirected to Login your paypal account and pay for your order.

5. After the payment is done you will receive a message to your e-mail with products and licenses list like on the following screenshot:

P.S. Once you are changing your domain and want to use existing licenses to be assigned to new domain name, then you should login with your username and password (use login and password from e-mail if you are byinh without registering on the site), go to My Orders section, select the order and you will be able to reset current domain assigned to specific license.