Live Camera Admin Settings

Click Settings menu to access the module settings.

Admin has the same settings as a simple user has and several others:

License - enter license purchased here to register the module and remove the ads;

Adobe Labs Developer Key - this key is necessary for proper functioning this module. Read here to learn how to get it;

Screenshots update interval - choose how often video broadcasting channel generates thumbnail. Available values: from 3 to 20 minutes;

Default Video Width - choose video broadcasting default width. Available values: from 100 to 400 pixels;

Default Video Height - choose video broadcasting default height. Available values: from 100 to 400 pixels;

Video Quality - video quality for video broadcstings in percent from 25 to 100;

Video broadcasting FPS - frames per second for video broadcstings from 15 to 30;

Microphone Rate - microphone frequency rate for video broadcstings from 5 to 44;

Enable Chat - enable/disable chat in video channels.

Click Apply to save settings, click Cancel to reset them.