Radio installation into MyBB

1. Download MyBB Radio plugin and unzip the package.

2. Copy rzradio folder and rzradio.php file to <mybb root directory>/. Copy inc/plugins/rzradio.php file to <mybb root directory>/inc/plugins/.

3. Login your site administration -> Configuration -> Plugins, install and activate Radio plugin.

4. Go to administration -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> Default Templates, expand Header Templates and edit header template. Add the following code:
<li><a href="/{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/rzradio.php"><img src="/{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/rzradio/icon.gif" alt="" title="" />Radio</a></li>
jaust after:
<div class="menu">

Save the template.

5. New item called Radio will appear in your site Menu.

6. Buy a license and enter it into Settings to remove ads from the plugin.