Radio installation into phpBB

1. Download phpBB Radio MOD and unzip the package.

2. Copy rzradio folder and rzradio.php file to <phpbb root directory>.

3. After the files are copied open http://<phpbb root directory>/rzradio/XML.php?rzaction=install in your browser. That will install the necessary database tables.

4. Edit <phpbb install directory>/styles/<phpbb current template>/template/overall_header.html file where <phpbb current template> should be replaced with your current template name (prosilver by default).
Find the following code:
<!-- END navlinks --></li>
and insert this one just after it:
<li style="background-image: url('/{A_BASE_URL}rzradio/icon.png');background-position:left center;background-repeat:no-repeat;margin-right:5px;padding-left:12px;">&nbsp;<a href='{A_BASE_URL}rzradio.php'>Radio</a></li>
Save the file.

5. Login your site with admin account, then go to Admin Control Panel -> Styles -> Templates, and Refresh your current template.

This will add Radio item to your site menu.

6. Buy a license and enter it into Settings to remove ads from the module.