Video Chat

Video Chat without Media server

General Info

Flash-based powerful chat solution for social sites with many features, such as: audio/video broadcastings, private conversations, chat history and others.

No Media Server

Chat uses free Adobe Cirrus service for media connections that go directly from one user's application to the other one's without any media server between them. That makes media connection very fast and really real-time.

RED5 Media Server support is added in 2.1 version for better stability

Audio/Video Chat

Users have an ability to share their video and audio with any other users in the chat. It is possible to deny video playing from undesired watchers. User can watch several videos in the moment with one video enlarged into popup window.

Easy administration

Login Chat application under admin account to gain admin priviligies. Admin can ban/unban, kick users, set chat moderators, manage admin settings and provide different users groups with certain rights and permissions.

General Features

All general chat features are available: text-chatting, smileys support, quick messages, online status, font customizing, multi-rooms support, chat history, passowrd-protected rooms, private conversations, files transferring, audio/video chat and others.

Chat History

All chat conversations are stored in database and can be easily found by admin at any time by chat date.

Private Conversations

Users can talk between each other privately with audio/video and text chat like they talk via messenger.


Video Chat can be integrated in most of CMS or forum scripts. Look at currently available CMS integrations here.

CSS-based skins system

You can easily create your own skins or change existing ones. Not only icons and colors can be replaced, but also blocks positions and sizes (added in 2.0 version).

Android application

Your site users will be able to access Video Chat from android devices (added in 2.2 version).

Change Log

1.0: initial release;
1.1: javascript chat for mobile devices, sorting users features, option to skip autoentering the Lobby room, option to provide advanced video broadcasting;
2.0: new skins system - css-like files, easy customization, 4 new skins;
2.1: red5 media server support, optimized loading speed for skins, several bug-fixes;
2.2: android application is developped, saving chat history in red5 server mode is fixed, audio/video source selection possibility is added.