Live Camera

Webcam Channels manager

General Info

Flash-based webcam channels manager that allows users to broadcast their video and audio to others with ability to chat with the watchers. Manager displays all currently available channels ordering them by popularity (watchers count).

No Media Server

Live Camera uses free Adobe Cirrus service for media connections that go directly from one user's application to the other one's without any media server between them. That makes media connection very fast and really real-time.

Audio/Video/Text Chat

Users have an ability to share their video and audio with any other users in the application. User can watch and chat in several channels in the moment.

Channel Controls

Each channel can be created in 2 chat modes: everyone is chatting and author is chatting only. User channel window contains author's info, watching users count, channel duration, volume control, buttons to hide and clear chat and possibility to watch video in fullscreen mode.

Easy administration

Login Live Camera application under admin account to gain access to admin settings.


Live Camera can be integrated in most of CMS or forum scripts. Look at currently available CMS integrations here.